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My transmission to you. Is your receiver ready to pick up the signal?

Haiku - 10/17/2014

The lotus blossoms.

A home is swept clean.

Things are until they are not.

Haiku - 10/16/2014

At both dawn and dusk,

Sunlight has a golden hue.

Scarcity adds worth. 

Haiku - 10/15/2014

From winter to winter,

Move forward. Prepare.

Time is always counting down.

Haiku - 10/14/2014

The monastic life,

The life of the layman, both

Happen every day.

Haiku - 10/03/2014

What is the risk?

What if it does not work out?

What if it does?

Never stop pursuing your dreams just because some people don’t give a shit. There will always be people who don’t give a shit.

Haiku - 10/01/2014

When the seasons change,

The air chills and the leaves fall,

Beauty magnified.

If you can consume it with coffee, it’s a breakfast food.

No Air Radio

Haiku - 9/27/2014

With a pot too small,

Oatmeal will boil over.

Such a mess to clean!

Hungry Otter Fest

I haven’t posted many haiku or short work lately. I have been fortunate to have been asked to put together my own No Air Radio Presents variety show for the Inaugural Hungry Otter Festival. It’s going to be a rock and roll night of poets, dancers, comedians, and musicians.                   August 21st  : The Pilot Light : Knoxville, TN. 

Dylan Kinnett, the founding editor of Infinity’s Kitchen Magazine, is coming down from Baltimore, and Josh Lavender is coming in from D.C.

Infinity’s Kitchen is a fun magazine. You can see their latest issue here.

Here are the links to my work in Infinity’s Kitchen I & II:

"Disconnect," a short short story. 

"Bull City Blues," an original short story, as well an experiment in broken text. 

2 months ago

What will your verse be?

2 months ago- 3

(Haiku 8/8/2014)

Tombstones and blazes;

Certificates, bank notes, cairns;

Life measured and mapped. 

(Haiku 8/7/2014)

The path is muddy,

Slowing the journey.

Now, smile, and wash feet in dew. 

A nickel, a dime, a little at a time. It doesn’t make much but it’s more than enough.

No Air Radio

Resolutions & Progress (pt. 1)

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for this year?  

I did. Or, at least, something like a New Year’s resolution. 

We may have much in common, you and I. Maybe you have experienced some significant hardships and disappointments or setbacks over the past few years. Maybe you have felt stagnant or lonely or lost. Through the different phases of my life, I have often found comfort in two assumptions: 

  • Everything changes. 
  • Any time is a good time to practice character building. 

This past December, I took a look at my life and set down my goals for 2014. I called this list: “Goals for a long and prosperous existence.” 

Now, it is July. We have travelled together over halfway around the sun on a giant spinning ball that is the only such place capable of sustaining life in the entire known universe. I consider this as good a time and place as any to re-orient myself to my own journey. 

After all, any time is a good time to practice character building. 

Do you feel like you have made any progress toward your goals in 2014? 

We may have much in common, you and I. Maybe you will not accomplish all of the goals you set for yourself in 2014. Maybe this does not bother you. Maybe, to you, the purpose of setting goals was not to get to an end but to begin moving in a direction.

My Goals for a Long and Prosperous Existence:

  1. Quit smoking. 
  2. Eat more vegetables.
  3. Exercise regularly. 
  4. Strengthen meditation practice. 
  5. Walk the Appalachian Trail. 
  6. Strengthen creativity practice. 
  7. Renounce worldly ambition.
  8. Practice smiling.